Richard Morton announces candidacy for General Sessions Court Clerk

March 20, 2016

General Sessions Court deals with preliminary hearings on felonies and lighter criminal matters, along with smaller civil cases for Shelby County. It is a very large and important court to our community. It has grown very expensive. In 2016, the Shelby County budget has almost 4 million dollars in unrelated taxpayer money subsidizing the court, keeping that much needed funding from going to: more teachers, tax cuts, or helping law enforcement.

Richard Morton plans to turn this skyrocketing budget around by:

  1. Collections: Go back to a more proactive collections policy that makes the criminals pay their court cost, instead of their tax paying neighbors who chose to do their part and stay out of trouble.
  2. Technology: Put a new focus on technological improvement. Pushing advancements and updates to be implemented sooner will not only save in operational costs, but will also save in the capital improvement budget.
  3. Streamlining management:  Management in General Sessions is too big, the office can easily get by with fewer high paid managers if they are encouraged to get out of their offices and work with the people who work for them. This will bring about a higher quality of work for the public as well.

paid for by Friends of Richard Morton